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Event Rules

1. Competition Rules.  

All Tournament games will be conducted under National Federation of High School Basketball Rules, unless otherwise noted.
2. Uniforms.  


While it is required to have numbers on the back of the uniform, it is recommended that uniform numbers be on both the front and back of the uniform. All other NFHS rules regarding uniforms and uniform numbers are waived. It is recommended, but not required, that teams have both a dark and light-colored jersey.

3. Home Team Designation.  


In bracket play, the bottom team listed will be the home team.  In pool and round robin play, the team listed last will be the home team.  In case of uniform conflicts, the home team will wear the lighter colored jersey.  The home team should use the bench to the right of the scorer’s table, as you face the floor.  Each team’s basket for the pre-game warm-up will be the basket furthest from its bench. 
4. Game Ball/Scorekeeper/Clock Operator.  


The home team shall provide the game ball. Texas Sports Association will provide a qualified scorekeeper/clock operator.
5. Ball Specifications.  


The intermediate size ball (“28.5”) will be used for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th grade Boys’ divisions and all Girls’ divisions.  All other divisions will use the regulation size ball (29.5”). Warm up and game balls WILL NOT be provided.
     6.1. Unless otherwise noted, a REGULATION CLOCK will be used with following game length:
     6.1.1. Grades 3 & 4: 12-minute halves.  
     6.1.2. Grades 5 & 6: 14-minute halves.  
     6.1.3. Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12: 15-minute halves.  
     6.2. Overtime period will be 3 minutes. The clock will run during the overtime period until one minute. Then it is a regulation clock. After the 1 overtime period, if the game is still tied, there will be a sudden death, the first team to score wins. During sudden death, all foul shots are one shot only. 
     6.3. Running Clock Rule (“20/15 Rule”):
     6.3.1. Grades 3, 4, 5, & 6:  When a team leads by 20 points or more anytime during the game, a running clock will be used.  
     6.3.2. Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12:  When a team leads by 20 points or more during the 2nd half of a game, a running clock will be used.  
     6.3.3. If the lead is reduced below 15 points for all grades, the regulation clock is resumed.
     6.4. Half-Time will be 3 minutes (Half-Time length may be reduced at the option of the Site Director).
     6.5. Pre-game Warm-Up will be a minimum of 3 minutes (the Warm-Up time length may be reduced at the option of the Site Director).  
     6.6. Half-Time Warm-Up is available for team members in uniform and playing in the next scheduled game. 
7. Free Throws.  


     7.1 Teams WILL NOT shoot 1&1 free throws on the 7th, 8th, and 9th team fouls regardless of the situation and time frame.
     7.2 Teams will shoot 1 shot for 2 points double bonus beginning with the 10th team foul and all in the act of shooting fouls in the following manner.  
     7.3 Teams will shoot 1 shot for 2 points on shooting fouls in the act of shooting for two points.
     7.4 Teams will shoot 1 shot for 3 points on shooting fouls in the act of shooting for three points.
     7.5  In the last 2 minutes of the game and in overtime regular situational foul shots will be taken. (i.e. – 1 shot for 1 point)
These rules are adopted to allow use of the regulation clock, while keeping the games on schedule.

8. Timeouts.  


Each team will be allowed 3 thirty-second timeouts per game. However, a team is only permitted to use two timeouts in one half. (i.e. – if a team uses 1 timeout in the 1st half that team has 2 timeouts in the 2nd half. But if said team uses 2 timeouts in the 1st half that team will only have 1 timeout in the 2nd half.) One timeout will be allowed for each overtime period. Time outs WILL NOT carry over. Players ARE permitted to sit on the bench during all time outs.
9. Pressing Rules (20/15 Rule). 


     9.1. Grades 3, 4, 5, & 6:  Teams are not allowed to press beyond half court with a 20 point or more lead anytime during the game.
     9.2. If the lead is reduced below 15 points, teams are then allowed to press beyond half court.
     9.3. The first violation of the “no press” rule will draw a warning from the officials; subsequent violations will be assessed a bench technical foul (indirect technical foul to Head Coach).
     9.4. Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/12:  Teams are allowed to press beyond half court at any point during the game.
10. Tiebreaker for Pool and Round Robin Play:
     10.1. Two Team Tie: Winner of game between two teams tied awarded higher place, with losing team awarded next place.
     10.2. Three or more teams tied: Step 1: Head to head record for tied teams, with placing/seeding based upon the head to head record.  Step 2:  If head to head records are the same for 3 or more teams, the Point Differential Rule is used (each team given a point differential for each game played, with a maximum +15 or –15 differential for any one game).  In the event of a forfeit, the team forfeiting shall be given -15 points and the team receiving the forfeit will be given +15 points.  In the event of a double forfeit, each team is given a loss with a point differential of 0.  Places awarded based upon highest Point Differential.
     10.2.1. Point Differential used for all pool or round robin games.    If two teams have the same point differential, winner of the head to head game between the teams is awarded the higher place.
     10.2.2. If 3 or more teams remain tied, higher place is awarded based upon Point Differential for games between the tied teams only.  If two teams then have the same point differential, winner of the head to head game between the teams is awarded the higher place.
     10.2.3. If 3 or more teams remain tied, higher place is awarded based upon the lowest defensive points allowed for all games.  If two teams then have the same point differential, winner of the head to head game between the teams is awarded the higher place.
     10.2.4. If 3 or more teams remain tied, higher place is awarded based upon the lowest defensive points allowed for games between the tied teams only.  If two teams then have the same point differential, winner of the head to head game between the teams is awarded the higher place.
11. Coach/Player Ejection.  


Any coach or player who is ejected from a game by a game official or the Site Director will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game for that team.  Multiple game ejections may result in additional suspension or corrective action by Texas Sports Association.
12. Behavior Standards.  


Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the team’s players, coaches and fans on and off the court and must promote the best sportsmanship, win or lose.  The Site Director or any game official may remove a player, coach, or attendee from a game, tournament, or venue for inappropriate behavior.  Texas Sports Association may take any such other corrective action it deems appropriate to assure proper sportsmanship, the safety and well-being of all participants, and the integrity and standards of the event.  All teams, coaches, players, and attendees are subject to such rulings and corrective actions.
13. Application of Rules.  


The Tournament Rules may be modified whenever Texas Sports Association deems it to be in the best interests of the tournament to do so and all teams, coaches, players, and attendees will be bound by any such change.


Player Eligibility & Protests - (Effective September 1, 2022)
1.    Divisions of Play (All Grade Divisions offered for Boys Teams & Girls Teams):
         3rd Grade             6th Grade             JV 
         4th Grade             7th Grade             Varsity    
         5th Grade             8th Grade          
2.    Player Eligibility:
     2.1. Grade Based Eligibility.  All Texas Sports Association events will be organized by grade divisions.  A player is eligible to participate in the Grade Division for his/her grade for the 2022-2023 school year.  A team must participate in the division which corresponds with the highest grade of any player on the team.
     2.2. Age Exception:  A player is eligible to play down a grade provided they meet the requirements listed in the chart below:
Age as of September 1, 2022    Eligible to 
Play Grade
  9    3rd
10    4th
11    5th
12    6th
13    7th
14    8th
15    JV
17    Varsity
3.    Maximum Age.  Even if grade eligible, no player may play in a division where the player is more than one year older for the corresponding age for the grade division.  For this purpose only, the corresponding ages are 3rd/9, 4th/10, 5th/11, 6th/12, 7th/13, 8th/14, 9th/15, 10th/16, 11th-12th/17-18.     For example, a 13-year-old 5th grader is not eligible to participate in the 5th Grade division.  The age determination date for purposes of the Maximum Age rule is August 31, 2021.
4.   HS Team Division.  Eligibility for the High School Team division requires that all the players competed for a single high school during the 2022-2023 school year or a feeder school for such high school.
5.    Application of Eligibility Rules:
     5.1. Playing Up.  A player may play up in a higher-grade division.
     5.2. Playing on Multiple Teams.  A player can play on only one team within a single Grade division of any tournament.  A player can play in more than one Grade division of any tournament, provided the player is Grade eligible for each division in which the player participates.  
     5.3. Gender Specific Divisions.  Players are only allowed to play in a division for the player’s  gender (for example, a girl player cannot play on a team participating in a boy’s division).
     5.4. Signed Waiver & Release.  In addition to the grade eligibility requirements, each player is required to have a parent/guardian signed Release/Waiver on file with Texas Sports Association.  

Texas Sports Association can suspend participation privileges for any player without a signed Release/Waiver.
6.    Proof of Player Eligibility
     6.1. Team Responsibility.  Proof of player eligibility is the responsibility of the team manager or coach.  Texas Sports Association will not check eligibility prior to events.  However, a coach must be able to document grade and age eligibility in the event of a challenge by another team or if requested by Texas Sports Association prior to or any time during an event. 
     6.2. Documentation Required for Eligibility.  As a condition of participation, each team is required to have grade and age documentation available for each player for review at any time during an event.  Proof of grade and age must be available for review by Texas Sports Association representatives at all events.  Failure to have such information available at the event may result in player ineligibility, game forfeiture, and/or team removal from the event.
     6.3. Acceptable Forms of Documentation.  Acceptable proofs of age include clean photocopies of birth certificate, adoption papers, immigration papers, school documentation which reflects DOB, current driver’s license and current passport. Acceptable proofs of grade include a clean copy of any report card of the current or immediately preceding school year, progress report for current school year, or current school ID.  Digital documentation may be acceptable subject to review by Texas Sports Association representatives.
7.    Player Eligibility Protest Procedure:
     7.1. Scope.  The following Player Eligibility Protest procedure applies to all Texas Sports Association events.
     7.2. Who Can Protest:  Player Eligibility Protests can be submitted only by a coach or manager of a team participating in the same division as the team with the player(s) whose eligibility is being challenged.  For a team to submit a Protest, the team must demonstrate to the Site Director that the protesting team has eligibility documentation for its players available for review by the Site Director.  A team is NOT allowed to protest the eligibility of a player from another team without having the eligibility documentation for its players.
     7.3. What Can Be Protested:
     7.3.1. Player is not grade eligible or within the Age Exception of Section 2.2
     7.3.2. Player is beyond age maximum
     7.3.3. Player is on multiple teams in same division
     7.4. When Can Protest Be Made:
     7.4.1. Pre-Game Protest:  A protest of player eligibility may be made at any time prior to a game.  Any Pre-Game Protest should be submitted as soon as possible so that it may be considered in a timely manner.  
     7.4.2. Post-Game Protest: Any post-game protest of player eligibility must be made within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a game between the protesting team and the team with the player(s) whose eligibility is being challenged.
     7.4.3. Protest Limited.  No other player eligibility protests will be considered.  A team is deemed to waive any opportunity to protest any player’s eligibility not within these protest periods.
     7.4.4. How to File Protest:  All protests must be in writing on an official Protest Form and accompanied by the
PROTEST FEE OF $150 CASH for each player challenged. The Protest Fee is refundable only if the matter is ruled in the favor of the protesting party.  If the Protest is not upheld, the Protest Fee is forfeited.  All forfeited protest fees will be applied to charitable activities of Texas Sports Association which include support of youth sports teams and activities.  
     7.5. Protest Upheld:  If a player is ruled ineligible, the player will be prohibited from participating in remaining games of the event.  If a Post-Game Protest is upheld, that game will be forfeited by the team with the ineligible player.  No prior games will be forfeited as teams participating in prior games will have waived their protest opportunity by failing to timely submit an Eligibility Protest.  The team will be allowed to continue to participate in the event without the ineligible player(s).  The Protest Fee will be refunded to the protesting team for each protest upheld.
     7.6. Protest Denied:  If the Player Eligibility Protest is denied, the Protest Fee is forfeited. 
     7.7. Player Reinstatement.  If a player is ruled ineligible for the sole reason that the team did not have any eligibility documentation for the player, the player can subsequently be ruled eligible if such documentation is later provided.  The reinstatement is for competition subsequent to the documentation being provided and no prior action will be modified or set aside.
     7.8. Ruling Binding.  Any Player Eligibility Protest ruling made by Texas Sports Association is binding upon all coaches, players, and attendees of the event.  There is NO appeal of any upholding or denial of a Player Eligibility Protest.
Texas Sports Association shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such manner as Texas Sports Association and its Site Directors deem appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules.  Texas Sports Association will impose such additional sanctions, suspensions or other corrective action it deems appropriate under the facts and circumstances of noncompliance with the player eligibility rules.  All coaches, players, and attendees shall be bound by any such application of the rules and corrective action imposed by Texas Sports Association.


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