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Athletic Training & Development

Our Basketball training session include, ball Handling, passing, rebounding, shooting, offensive moves, defensive mechanics & more


The best ball handler on any team will always have playing time. Whether you're a guard or a big man the ability to handle the ball is an essential skill in developing into a great player. Today’s game of basketball is played at an extremely fast pace. Explosively quick moves at the higher levels of the game are now the norm. Explosive moves off of the dribble are an essential part of today’s fast pace game. Our cutting edge ball handling training will provide you with innovative ways to accomplish this as we'll provide you with unique techniques to work on your ball handles our training will help you accomplish that goal!


Repetition and practice are two common terms associated with great shooters. Most athletes know they need to shoot game shots from game spots at game speed. We train the athletes to understand the definition of game shots, what game shots and game speed feel like, and to comprehend game angles. Each participant will shoot a tremendous amount of repetitions during training, utilizing the comprehensive technology and shooting aid mechanisms offered. It is REPETITION and you will see results!


Effective basketball defense maneuvers require strength in several key muscle groups, but they also require situational awareness, fast reflexes, and strong hand-eye coordination. In order to take a basketball defense strategy to the next level, we perform drills and maneuvers that exercise both strength and skills at the same time. 


The Point Guard Training is an advanced methodology incorporating dribbling and passing under intense pressure, beating your defender to the glass, changing direction of offensive moves, improving foot speed, shooting in transition and applying improved defensive pressure.Our training  is for the student athlete who is serious and prepared to accelerate their game to the next level. Each player will be shown what is necessary to become the team's hardest worker, smartest player and most conditioned athlete.

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